Simple Smileys

Simple Smileys is a cohesive collection of smileys and emoticons designed to work well alongside text.
It is released into the Public Domain, meaning it is free (as in freedom) for any purpose. <3

Created by Leo Bolin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the license?

There is no license. Simple Smileys is released into the public domain. Technically, you can do whatever you want with it including modifying, redistributing or even selling.

Do I have to credit you or link back here to use Simple Smileys in my project?

No, you're not required to credit anyone. Feel free to do so if you'd like though!

I made a new smiley! Can you include it in the official package?

Sure, as long as its quality is on par with the rest of the smileys. Send it to me and I might include it in the next official release. ;)

Is Simple Smileys available in a different color?

No. There are no plans to release Simple Smileys in a different color.

Is Simple Smileys available in a higher resolution or vector format?

No. The first smileys were made back in 2006 before high resolution screens were a thing and as such were made in only one size. This resolution is all there is.


If you want to contribute an addition to Simple Smileys, be it a new smiley/emoticon or a package for an IM client, please send it to